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15 December 2016

Hopefully you know our Facebook page and our Youtube channel, but did you know that Nordisk also is present on Instagram?

Here you find various images of nice, fantastic, cosy, impressive, cool, inspirational, breathtaking and stunning products, situations and sceneries from the world of Nordisk.

Have a look at Instagram here

01 December 2016

Also the UK-site has been out testing. But they chose to bring Halland 2 LW along, where ”combining the latest in ultralight fabrics with a classic tunnel design epitomises today's ultra-light tents.”

Easy pitch, roomy indoor area and plenty of room for storage are some of the features leading to the 5-star conclusion:

”I really like the Halland 2 LW. It's a good looking tent with the usual Scandinavian approach to unfussy and functional design. Its 'packability' and low weight make it an attractive tent to trekkers, mountaineers or bike-packers.”

24 November 2016

UK-based outdoor site has tested the half-mat Ven 2.5, and are quite pleased.

Compared to a ”half-Thermarest the Ven is far more generously sized, most pleasingly in the breadth, which makes comparable mats seem thin and Italian-style crispy. It’s also relatively lengthy in comparison, giving a comfortable snooze”

But also the durable material, the push/pull valve making inflation a doddle and the top-notch build quality adds up to the sum-up: ”Good generous size, light weight. Nice compromise for light escapades.”

30 September 2016

Austrian outdoor magazine Land der Berge has tested Telemark 1 LW and recommends it when stability, size and weight matters.

The large vestibule provides plenty of room for backpack, shoes and other accessories – and there is even space in the apsis for cooking.

The three-layer silicone coating makes it suitable for use in very rainy areas and using all 8 guypoints secures a very high wind stability, they write...

09 September 2016

Nordisk Puk has been reviewed on the German community site and receives full marks.

Puk is a ”good standard all-round mummy sleeping bag at a reasonable price for camping, tenting or even outside sleeping.” The small pack size, the reflective straps and the covered zipper preventing cold bridges are all praised as strong pros.

And even though Puk was also tested positively at -25° C, they won’t recommend Puk for the winter. We don’t either...

12 August 2016

The German Marketing & Communication agency Château Louis has spotted the Nordisk stand in Tent City, which they describe as a "brand culture with a consistent and creative design".

That is, if you didn't know... :-)

15 July 2016

In 2014 we had 160,000 views on our YouTube channel. In 2015 it had grown to 345,000 views - and now we've passed half a million views. 567,749 to be precise...

Alone this June there has been more than 22,000 views watching almost 38,000 minutes of Nordisk videos!

The average viewing time is still 1,41 minutes which means that we have just passed 900,000 minutes of watching Nordisk. That is 15,000 hours, 625 days or 89 weeks!

We now have 776 subscribers - and the most popular videos are the "How to pitch..." with Asgard and Alfheim in the lead with almost 35% of the total views. Actually the Asgard-pitch has been showed more than 83,000 times!