“The social, economic and environmental challenges in our world demand us to do our best to ensure that our products are produced under responsible conditions. To guarantee this, Nordisk has an established Code of Conduct. To read the CoC – click under CSR in the left hand menu.

Nordisk aims to provide unique and superior quality products and thus we want to have control over our supply chain and to ensure responsible working conditions. We want to take responsibility for the people that are involved in our operations worldwide. Nordisk manufactures in many countries; a number of our products are produced in Europe, and furthermore we have our own operation in Asia to ensure that our Code of Conduct is also followed there.

We have always worked on building long-term relations with our suppliers, which are mostly located in Asia. Most of our suppliers have been so for 20-30 years, and we wish to continue and develop these strong long-term partnerships. Back then, these fine relationships were started and maintained by a handshake and through friendship. We still believe this is important. However, to ensure a structured and professional development of both our partners and of Nordisk, we have joined an organisation called BSCI. ”