Here you can find all Nordisk news stories published in 2017

06 April 2017

The annual Nordisk Magazine GO Nordic is now out, and will be sent out the coming days and weeks.

We don't want to brag, but in our eyes it's the best magazine ever. Read about the science of outdoor, knots, tarps, camping with kids, bluffers guide to outdoor and Danish "hygge" - and of course travel stories, recipies, technical stuff and Lofoten! And much more...

All wrapped in 100% sustainable printed paper so clean, that you can actually eat it!

Watch the digital version of GO Nordic here: go.nordisk.eu

30 March 2017

While we’re at it, Lofoten 1 ULW, has just been nominated for the renowned design prize the Danish Design Award.

As being true Danish design, Lofoten is an obvious candidate for a Danish Design prize, but competition is tough.

So we cross all we have, and hope for winning this ultimate acknowledgment of true Danish Design.

24 March 2017

The new ultra lightweight and ultra small packed hero of the year, Lofoten 1 ULW has just won GOLD in the prestigious European Product Design Award. All winners will be officially announced at an Announcement Event at the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium April 12th.

09 February 2017

The Dutch online site GearLimits has awarded Lofoten with the Great Gear 2017 Award.

“Lofoten 1 ULW of Nordisk already attracted our attention in Friedrichshafen. With its 490 grams, this is an ultra-light double layer tent with a pack size of 11 x 22 cm – and it’s built up in two minutes!

Check it out here

31 January 2017

Talking about relaxing, the test-site outdoortest.info has tested Aften and were quite pleased...

”If you are looking for a small, compact but comfortable pillow, you should take a closer look at Nordisk's Aften. You sleep well on it and it is both smal and very handy packed. Ideal for a multi-day hiking tour.”

If you haven’t already, now is the time to try it...

See the test here

24 January 2017

The German lingerie magazine Sous has shot a series of artistic lingerie images including sleeping bags – and of course they’ve chose Oscar.

See the inspiring images of how you can also use your Oscar as a shawl when you’re e.g. bored at a party or just feel like a little soft break...

Have a look at page 210

17 January 2017

GO SHOOTING The GO Nordic magazine is in the making and will be greater than ever. Last week we shot the cover photo and it turned out quite fabulous...

Thanks to Jacob from Merrild Photography!

You can go behind the scene here