Cotton Wellness – a stylish pleasure

Sometimes a normal tent just isn’t enough – sometimes you need something larger. If you are travelling as a group or setting up a camp, the Nordisk range of larger camping tents might therefore come in handy.

Nordisk offers a range of large cotton tents with enough space for up to 25-30 people. Choose between a variety of different shapes and sizes, all made of cotton, which warrants a very comfortable indoor climate no matter the outside conditions – especially during summer.

In the menu on the left, you can find out more about cotton tents like e.g. construction, fabric and what the symbols mean. Have fun!

Ydun 5.5m2

Asgard 7.1m2

Asgard 12.6m2

Asgard 19.6m2


Utgard 13.2m2

Alfheim 12.6m2

Alfheim 19.6m2


Vanaheim 24m2

Vanaheim 40m2

Jotunheim 56.5m2

Wall Extension

Kari 12m2


Kari 20m2

Kari Diamond 10m2

Kari Diamond 20m2

Ydun 5.5m2 cabin

Utgard 13.2m2 cabin

Asgard 7.1m2 cabin

Asgard 12.6m2 cabin

Asgard 19.6m2 cabin

Alfheim 12.6m2 cabin

Alfheim 19.6m2 cabin

Vanaheim 24m2 cabin

Vanaheim 40m2 cabin

Jotunheim 56.5m2 cabin

Utgard Zip in floor

Asgard Zip in floor 12.6m2


Alfheim Zip in floor 12.6m2


Vanaheim Zip in floor 24m2