Technical Cotton

Our Technical Cotton products offer a cheaper alternative within the fantastic Legacy tent range. A blend of Cotton and Polyester creates a robust fabric combining the strength of the man-made polyester yarn and the natural features of cotton. A water repellent treatment applies great protection in rainy weather.

Organic Green Cotton

Our certified organic Green Cotton offers an environmentally friendly product, free from damaging chemicals which create greater pleasure for mind and soul. The Green Cotton is GOTS certified, which is the strongest organic labelling on the market today securing better work conditions at the same time. GOTS is looking at the entire value chain from seed to final product. Conventional cotton is grown with the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to avoid insects. Pesticides penetrades mostly through your skin, but also through inhalation. Exposure is poisonous for the workers handling the pesticides. Pesticides, chemical fertilizers and defoliants can be tracked in the cotton after harvesting. A lot of cotton i also treated with formaldehyde or other chemicals to protect it during transport or in wet areas of the World. Studies show that formaldehyde can cause allergy. These chemicals are not accepted under GOTS. The dye process for conventional cotton can be both poisonously and environmentally damaging. Our Green Cotton is using dyehouses with closed systems where waste water is thoroughly cleaned and only synthetic environmental friendly dyes without heavy metals are used.