Utgard 13.2m2

Like a real house

This is the closest you will get to living in a real house. One door and two windows in each end of the tent, two small windows on ground level in each side, zip-in floor and the soft, breathable cotton fabric creates a light tent with generous ventilation perfect for living. Utgard is optimal for a group of up to eight persons, who needs a cosy place for sleeping – either as a whole room, or separated into sections using the tailored detachable cabins, which are available as extras. Just add some mats, a few chairs and a bottle of wine – but remember to blow out the candles before sleeping!

  • fits 6 people
  • two entrances
  • lots of windows
  • mesh door and windows
  • adjustable pole height
  • pole attachment points for hanging gear
  • reinforced pole point on ground sheet
  • V-pegs with hole for added strength in sandy ground
  • high end packsack for easy packing
  • zip in floor available
  • fits 2 inner cabins (each cabin fits 2 persons)
Item No: 142010