Pimp your tent!

A Nordisk tent is a well equipped shelter, but even a shelter can sometimes need a little improvement. Like an extra floor, new poles, extra poles for a tarp, or maybe more specialized pegs, that fits a certain underlay like e.g. stoney, sandy or muddy grounds.

In the menu on the left, you can find out more about tent accessories like materials and what the symbols mean. Have fun!

Lofoten footprint

Telemark 1 footprint

Telemark 2 footprint

Svalbard 1 footprint

Oppland 2 footprint

Oppland 3 footprint

Finnmark 2 footprint

Halland 2 footprint

Rago 4 footprint

Reisa 4 footprint

Reisa 6 footprint

Faxe 2 footprint

Faxe 4 footprint

Aluminium Triple Twister Peg

Aluminium Square Skewer

Aluminium Y-Peg

Aluminium DAC V-Peg

Aluminium Nail

Titanium V-Peg 9g

Titanium V-Peg 15g

Titanium Nail 8g

Steel T-Peg

Steel V-Peg

Steel Skewer

Steel Nail

Aluminium Peanut Slider

Duraflex Slider

Aluminium Triangular Slider

High Tenacity 5.0mm Guy rope

Dyneema 2.0mm Guy Rope

Nylon 2.5mm Guy Rope

PP 5.0mm Guy Rope

Ceiling storage net

Extra poles, Oppland 3 SI

Extra poles, Oppland 3 PU

Extra poles, Oppland 3 LW

Extra poles, Oppland 2 SI

Extra poles, Oppland 2 PU

Extra poles, Svalbard SI

Extra poles, Svalbard PU

Extra poles, Telemark 1 ULW

Extra poles, Telemark 2 ULW

Extra poles, Halland PU

Extra poles, Finnmark SI

Extra poles, Finnmark PU

Extra poles, Faxe

Extra poles, Reisa 4 PU

Extra poles, Reisa 6 PU

Extra poles, Rago 4 PU

DAC Tarp Pole Long