Nordisk tents tested in Wind Tunnel

All new tents in the Nordisk range is submitted to a Wind Tunnel Test performed by the Nordisk Test Team in order to define the tolerance of each tent towards extreme wind conditions.



Tested beyond Hurricane

To categorize a wind as a hurricane, the wind speed must exceed 32,7 m/s – and several of the Nordisk tents actually passed the limit and survived. The tents were tested at ascending levels of wind speed in jumps of 2,5 m/s. some tents were even tested simultaneously with rain in order to test the density of the different models.

The Nordisk Test Team

In order to secure, that everything went well, we had our own people on the spot during all tests. When the wind speed exceeded 20 m/s, no one was allowed in the Wind Tunnel.

Wind symbol on Nordisk tents

Therefore you will find an extra symbol on each tent – an indication of how strong wind each model can withstand. The level indicates the level, where the tent is still intact, even though it might have been bended a bit.

Since the tents in the test were anchored to the platform, the actual max-level on tour largely depends on how the tent is attached to the ground, including the type of pegs used.

The Beaufort Wind Force Scale

The Beaufort Wind Scale is an empirical measure for describing wind speed based mainly on observed sea conditions, but it can also be employed to land conditions. The Scale goes from 0 to 12, where 0 is calm and 12 is hurricane. All tests started at 10 m/s which corresponds to 6 on the Beaufort Wind Scale.